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How to become a womanizer in an Alfa Romeo Spider!

What I like about Italy is that flair on the streets. You have always the impression, that everything is stylish in Italy. They have great design studios renowned for one of the best designs in the world. And the Italians wear fantastic clothes and they have fancy cars.

Actually I had an Italian T-shirt when I was younger, with the following wording:

In heaven:

-the policemen are English

-the cooks are French

-the lovers are Italians

-and it is all organized by the Germans

In hell:

-the policemen are French

-the cooks are English

-the lovers are Germans

-and it is all organized by the Italians

So what happens to you, when you get behind the wheel of a gorgeous Italian classic from Alfa Romeo called Spider. You will become an Italian womanizer!

So this episode from Driving With Gloves must be the most unorganized one so far.

But who cares, I must perhaps buy an arachnid


Snow in Switzerland
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