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The story behind driving gloves

In the intro of every episode from Driving With Gloves, I say, that you might be wondering, why I do drive with gloves? And my answer is every time:"Why not!"

But, there is story behind me driving with driving gloves!

When I was 17 years old I did not have a driving licence , because you are not alowed to have a driving licince in Europe before the age of 18. But during the summer of 1987 I visited Florence in Italy and while walking through the city I saw a little leather factory called Madova in the neighbourhood of the famous Ponte Vecchio. In the showroom I saw a pair of driving gloves. I did not buy them imediately, but they fascinated me. So a few days later, I decided to buy them, although they were way too expensiv for me. Although I had no driving licence and ofcourse no car, I decided to drive always with driving gloves, because I thought that it would be very cool.

The moment I took driving lessons I was planning to put on my gloves, but my mother advised me not to do so! I listened to my mother. But..... after having my driving licence I started to drive with gloves. And because it was in that period so extraordenary, the people asked me all the time, why I drive with gloves? Especially in summer, without a wooden steering wheel, they thought it was idiotic. So every time the people asked me, I had to explain myself. But than I came upwith the idea by just answering: "why not!"

The funny thing was, that people who at first said that I was an idiot wearing gloves, started to copy me. So who were the idiots?

Even after 30 years of driving gloves, I still think they are cool!

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