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Driving the upper class Rolls Royce Corniche Mulliner Park Ward Convertible!

I was very often on the property of Meggenhorn castle in Switzerland. But since it is not allowed since some years to drive by car on the property, I came up with an idea.

Auto Vogel & Partner AG in Switzerland offered me to drive their gorgeous Rolls Royce Corniche Mulliner Park Ward from 1981, which I had already driven spontaniously in the beginning of the episode about the gorgeous Opel Manta SR. It was actualy a beautiful spring day, with temperatures around 30°C (86 Fahrenheit), which was very ought, if you reckon, that we had snow only a fortnight ago. Since I wanted to put the Roller in the right picture, I was brainstorming, where to film. It toke no ages to come up with Meggenhorn castle. So I decided to contact the commune of Meggen, a little village where many rich and famous people live, near the city of Lucerne in Switzerland and asked if I could make some shots in front of Meggenhorn castle. Surprisingly they agreed immediately.

So I picked up the Rolls Royce at Auto Vogel and drove at daybreak in direction Meggenhorn castle. From the beginning I felt the smoothness of the magnificent Rolls Royce. You do feel in another world. Driving through the city of Lucerne, where I atracted attention of many tourists from all over the world. The feeling was so majestic, that I was wondering, why I am no member of the royal family. Because I certainly could get used to that feeling.

When I arrived at the entrance of the property of Meggenhorn castle it was exactly I was hoping for. I was wearing the right cloths and was driving the right car for this ambiance. And what an ambiance it was. Driving over the driveway in the morning sun, with mount Pilatus in the background only seperated by the beautiful lake Lucerne and then the castle showed up. And above all, surrounded by music from Wagner. Well to honest I synchronised that afterwards. But I got the impression of being King Louis II from Bavaria around Neuschwanstein castle.

Although I am normally into spartanic light sports cars, I must admit that I fell for the attraction of this convertible Rolls Royce.

But enough of

talking, better watch the episode yourself!

Snow in Switzerland
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