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BMW 3.0 CSi 1972

Sometimes you are planning things and it all works out differently. This happens all the time at Driving With Gloves. Sometimes I had written the script to review a car and then it was sold. Or the weather was too bad. Since I have only a limited time frame for filming the cars and since I want to create something special, I need to write a script, with some of the details about the car I am going to drive. I had planned to drive this little Italian sports car from 1962, but there was some problem with it and I heard this the day before filming. So I had to take an

other car. I chose a BMW 3.0 CSi. So at 10 pm I started to do my research on this car and started to write the script, because the next morning at 8 am I had to film the car.

But improvising isn't a bad thing after all, because James Bond has to improvice in tricky situations all the time. So is the BMW 3.0 CSi the ultimate Bond car? Lets find out by watching this episode from Driving With Gloves.

Snow in Switzerland
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