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Range Rover Sport L322 driven in a snowy Switzerland

Normally I drive especially for Driving With Gloves, classic cars or sports cars. But since December we already had a lot of snow in Switzerland. So every attempt to drive a classic car was blocked from the beginning. Even if the roads were clean, the temperatures were so low, that salt could cause corrossion to a classic car and that was the last thing I wanted. So I have to pospone many cars until spring time. But thanks to my friends of Auto Vogel & Partner AG in Root, they aranged a Range Rover Sport L322 for me and boy was this a joy to drive in snow. This car is so stable, that you could drive really fast over snowy mountain roads. And the Diesel has so much torque that you don't feel any weight while driving uphill. And this car is really heavy, because it weighs 2700 kg. By pushing it over the limit, and switching off the electronics, you finally can get it in a drift. But.... that is not the purpose of this vehicle, but it looks better on film ;-)

Snow in Switzerland
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