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Big surprise for Driving With Gloves

Sometimes life is a big surpise! Five years ago I started my career as an actor. It was not planned at all. I have no education in this direction at all. But being in front of the camera made me overthink my life. So I started last year my Youtube channel Driving With Gloves, to combine my affection for cars with my sort of talent for acting. But you know what, it worked out great. Through Driving With Gloves I had the opportunity to drive cars, I had never thought of to drive and some of the cars, I did not even know they existed. I had never ever heard of the Samantha Vignale to give an example. And what is the great thing, I do not have to own all the cars I drive. Because in the past I always had to buy the cars I wanted to drive, because it is not my style to go to a car dealer just for fun by pretending that I would buy a car, but in fact I have no intention at all to buy the car, just to drive the car for free. I think this behaviour is wrong, because the seller thinks to have an opportunity to close a deal, but in fact it will cost him only money.

Driving With Gloves is a give and take with the people who give me their cars for free. I am the one who decides what car I want to drive and not a car dealer. In return I mention the people's company's name so the company gets more publicity.

But coming back to my "film career"! About two weeks ago, I was contacted by an actor I worked together with about two years ago. He told me I should apply for a film part. He said to me, that I would certainly suit for this role. After looking at the add, I decided initially against it. Not that the part was not within my taste what I want to play. No there was only one problem in the description of the part. It was the expiry date. They were looking for someone around 25 years old with dark hair. Well I used to have dark hair, but in the last ten years they have become grey. Well at least I still have three hairs on my head ;-)

This bloody expiry date! I am almost twice as old. Well what the hack! So I applied!

And it took only 2 days, that I got a feedback from a Video Producer. He is a German Video Producer who lives in France. He was very friendly on the telephone and I was amazed that he contacted me anyhow, because of the expiry date. The first surprise was, that Christian Platz, because that is his name, said that although my expiry date was way exceeded, I was the one he wanted to book. Well I haven't met Christian Platz from jet, but I must say, that this guy is full of surprises. He seemed to be really interested in Driving With Gloves. He told me that he was thinking that I am doing a great thing. Well that is always nice to hear from a professional. Of course he had some criticism as well. And of course I know he is right. But I do the filming, cutting, editing, etc all with my cell phone. So what can you expect.

But Christian made me another totally unexpected surprise, he made a fantastic logo and hashtag for Driving With Gloves. No I did not ask for it. It was a complete surprise! So thanks again Christian Platz from! I am looking forward to meet you in real life!

Snow in Switzerland
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