What is it about?

I had the idea from Driving With Gloves in March 2017, after I featured as an actor in a TV commercial from Mc Donald's in Switzerland. The commercial was so popular, that many people recognized me. I thought, that the time was right to use my television popularity to find cars I could use for a new Youtube channel. And it worked out well. I walked into showrooms and told the people, that I am an actor. And yes, they recognized me. So after some preparations I could start my channel by the end of May 2017. My plan was to make 15 videos in half a year time. And I had expected to have 10,000 views after half a year. I thought that I was very optimistic, but I had to do everything to reach this goal. But now after only 4 months it was incredible. I reached after only 10 videos already 20,000 views!!!

So from my side, thank you very much for all the support from the people who have viewed my channel! Lets hope I can continue with DWG with many interesting cars.

Snow in Switzerland
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